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Positive Alternatives

Thanks for listening to my podcast - Positive Alternatives. It's a very personal project with messages that I hope hit home to my listeners. Please feel free to comment on any episode and I promise to monitor regularly and respond in kind.

Be Well...

May 30, 2020

Amy Voss - Shatterproof - and Felicia Miceli - LTM Foundation - know that there is no other path than the one that moves forward. These two Moms, each in their own way, inspire those who care and support their missions.

Passion moves them and love is the fuel for their...

May 22, 2020

Taylor Dockter - Impact Spartanburg - and Augie Ghilarducci - 2nd Opportunity LLC - provide some Positive Messaging as well as updates to how the work they each do has been impacted since Covid 19 changed the way we live.

Undeterred, they continue to move in a...

May 15, 2020

Jennifer Cifaldi, Illinois Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, and Ben Pohl, Public Speaker, share some messages on how they keep putting one foot in front of the other as they prepare for their next steps.

Ben Pohl Speaks

Illinois Traffic Safety Resource...

May 8, 2020

Danielle Brengel, of the Illinois Human Performance Project, and Gil Feliciano, Drug Free Communities Coordinator, share Positive Perspectives of how they continue to move forward in the face of Covid 19. While it's not always easy, it is always necessary.

Illinois Human Performance Project - Home

ILHPP Virtual Summit -...

May 1, 2020

For some, wisdom comes earlier in life...before the grey hair and stiff knees.  Jordan Esser, Project Coordinator - DuPage County Health Department, along with motivational speakers Matt Matkovich and Phil Januszewski - M&P Presentations; are adjusting to these new life changes by using the tried and true techniques of...